Lake Lanier Islands Podcast: Episode 15

Lake Lanier Islands Podcast: Episode 15

Broadcast from Legacy Lodge

Katie- Events for the weekend
Big Beach Parties
Volleyball Tournament
Singleton Marine Event on Sunday

Misty- awesome weather! Two visits pays for a season pass.
New menu available at Sunset Cove
Gianni’s to go
Poker Run- Huge success!

Jason- Jaws Dive-in Movie this Saturday.

Misty- Magical Nights of Lights on facebook for half price using keyword “Jingles’

Bonnie- Focus on Hotel Sales- Association Market. Annual meeting is in all their by-laws. Legacy Lodge- team building capital in Southeast. Over 30 team-building activities- so much to do!

Mike- Paddle Boats- Energy Watersports down at Sunset Cove.

Bonnie- 770-945-8787 for meetings- ask for sales office if interested in doing an events!